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Stop Annoying Telemarketer Calls With Call Blocking

The feature to block certain incoming calls can be a boon when you want to block out calls from telemarketers or other solicitation calls which take away a chunk of your valuable work time. With the advent of VoIP, several such features have helped people streamline their work day even better than before.

The majority of businesses and individual have switched to VoIP for seamless, cost effective and user-friendly communications. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, enables making and receiving calls using the Internet, rather than traditional phone lines. This has helped in saving costs related to installation charges, hardware expenses, maintenance charges, etc. It has also reduced long distance and international phone calling rates. Also, it has increased employee productivity by enabling them to take and receive calls on their cellular phones routed from the main business phone number, so they can continue their business transactions even when travelling or are telecommuting from home or visiting another location or branch of the business. It has also helped businesses cut down significantly on expenses related to business meetings by enabling employees to meet each other face to face wherever they might be, through VoIP video conferencing, without having to physically travel anywhere.

With VoIP call blocking, you can take VoIP call benefits to another level. Often times, the work flow and concentration is disturbed because of the frequency of unwanted calls from various sources, such as telemarketers. If the number is known, it can be blocked either through the provider or through the software. The calls that can be blocked this way are numerous, from local calls to international calls to long distance or even VoIP callers. You could even block calls coming from a specific area code or sets of numbers or specific prefixes. You could also block calls from a fax broadcaster or an automated dialer. With the scheduler built in, calls can also be blocked during a specific time of the day and this can be configured to be on a daily basis or on a one-time basis.

Calls that are blocked can be either rejected or directed to your voicemail, if it is an important call that you do not want to miss but are not available to take at the moment. To more effectively block unwanted calls, you also have the option of adding certain area codes or prefixes to the Invited list so that only numbers originating from these area codes or having the specific numbers prefixed will be connected to you.

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