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VoIP Benefits for Staffing & Employement Agencies

The success of a staffing agency is tied directly to its quality of communication. Majority of the work gets done over the phone in the form of interviews, conference calls, negotiation of contracts, checking references, etc. This makes it important to have a reliable, seamless, and affordable telecommunication channel.

  • A professional image is consistently maintained when calls that come to the company number are routed to the right individual on his private number, even if the individual is travelling on business. This maintains client communication while also maintaining the agency’s professional image without compromising on the individual’s privacy.
  • Conference call features lead to significant savings for time and money. Agencies can conduct pre-interviews, negotiation contracts and discuss a client’s needs and never leave their office. Save on travel costs and travel time considerably by using conference calls.
  • Staffing agencies that have offices in multiple locations need not install a separate phone system in each location. Numbers can be ported across multiple locations from a central location.
  • You can minimize the time that clients spend waiting for calls to be transferred by using the option to rout calls to the appropriate staff using an auto-attendant.
  • The call recording feature in VoIP ensures that accurate and infallible records are maintained of conversations and candidate data. These recordings are also convenient as they can be shared with others working in different teams as well.
  • Voice mails can be forwarded to emails. This means that critical phone calls can be retrieved and responded to while out of the office.
  • Voice mails, faxes and emails can all be electronic and categorized for each client. This increases organization and accessibility of data for staffing agencies. This also saves time in the retrieval of crucial data.
  • VoIP services can be used to send faxes electronically through a fax server via an email. This ensures that significant time is saved. There is also considerable money saved in terms of paper and fax toner costs.
  • The benefits of VoIP for staffing agencies can create unified communications and better management of day to day tasks all while reducing your costs.

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