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The use of hotel room phones in the United States is almost extinct because of the extensive use of cell phones. Today hotel room phones are used to place calls to the front desk, other guests and to order room service. Most hotels maintain a phone system to keep a minimum 2-star rating. There has to be a way to integrate a modern economical system into the current one without significant amounts of labor, time, or money.

Yes, there is a way. Welcome to the Cloud and the world of VoIP.

The hospitality business could benefit from the cloud by reducing the cost of maintaining their current phone system while improving its uses. Today’s hotel guests expect the conveniences of home and the demand for broadband and wireless services are key selling points when booking a hotel. Why not take these conveniences and turn them into profits by integrating a VoIP phone system and increasing profit at the same time. There is no longer a need for expensive IT support when implementing and maintaining a VoIP system. Hotel phone systems cost more to maintain than the revenue you get out of them. The cloud brings the best of both worlds.

The hotel industry can obtain complete control of their phone system and engage their guests by targeting their needs. VoIP can be programmed to offer self-serve options such as wake-up calls, do not disturb and check out services. Imagine your guests being steered to make reservations at your in house restaurants keeping your guests on the premises and increasing revenue. Imagine if you partner with local restaurants and offer the guests at a click of a button to make reservations at an establishment of their choice. These advertisements could ultimately pay for your VoIP system. Using VoIP is an economical business move for the hotel industry, advertise as a state-of-the-art facility.

The hotel phone system is here to stay, why not take advantages of what a VoIP phone system can do for your business. The possibilities are endless, take your business to the Cloud.

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