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7 Reasons VoIP Is The Future For Nonprofit Communication

Non-profit organizations, by their very nature, have a unique set of challenges when it comes to financial resources and management of funds. Cutting corners is not always a best practice when it comes to communication but it is essential to the growth and development of a non-profit organization.

Here are some of the ways in which VoIP helps non-profit organizations:

  1. International Organizations
    Some non-profit organizations have to liaison heavily with organizations abroad which fund them. Making international calls can get expensive using traditional phone lines. VoIP offers an affordable means of communication with international contacts with low per minute rates to all countries.
  2. Emergencies can be handled better
    With traditional phone lines, there can be disruptions in service due to inclement weather, maintenance and power outages. With VoIP, calls can easily be routed to other locations or cell phones, leaving the lines of communication always open. Your phone system never goes down, it services your calls for you during an emergency.
  3. VoIP offers flexible solutions in terms of administration
    VoIP providers offer a portal that gives you complete control of your telephony communication. Rout calls, create greetings and host conference calls. There is no longer the need for maintenance contracts to service your phones. You will get support through your provider but little is needed for simple administrative tasks.
  4. Multiple Locations
    Non-profit organizations with multiple locations can combine their costs and support each other. You can create a unified communication plan for the organization as a whole. This create consistency and professionalism for all your locations.
  5. Increase Service
    VoIP offers features, in most cases free of charge, that traditional phone system companies don’t offer. These features can be used in fund raising events or supporting your local community. For example, there are features such as auto-attendants, call queues, call recording, unified messaging, etc.
  6. Government Funding
    Some non-profit organizations receive funding for utilities for their offices. Reducing the costs in-house can get your organization the most from the current funding you receive.
  7. FREE Equipment
    In some cases VoIP providers donate hardware to non-profit organizations to benefit their company.

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