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Streamline Communications With Voicemail to Email

Have you ever missed an important voicemail message just because you are out of office or in a meeting? Many times, missing voicemail messages can lead to missing significant business opportunities or not responding to emergencies.

You know how important it is to get your voicemail messages at all times. Voicemail to email services will transfer the voicemail messages that are left on your phone directly to your email address. This will be sent as a WAV audio file attachment. This means you not only get a notification of your voicemail but you also can play the message from your email or smartphone.

What are the top benefits of voicemail to email for businesses?

  • When voicemails are sent to an email as an audio file, they can be easily downloaded and saved to a folder for future reference.
  • When busy at work, or if you are in a meeting, conference, or seminar, you may not be able to answer your phone, but you would be able to check your email and listen to the recordings.
  • With voicemail to email, you will never be late to access a voicemail message, even if you are traveling, you will always know who has called and what message has been conveyed.
  • When voicemails are sent to an email, they can easily be forwarded to another if needed, such as when you have to share information on a project that you are collaborating on.
  • Voicemails, when sent to emails, save you time when you have to go back and find an important message. You don’t have to listen through all of your messages to get to the message you want.
  • If voicemails are left on an office phone, and you are travelling, there may be a delay in getting back to your clients. With voicemail to email, you can access your messages at all times!

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