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Benefits of VoIP for Law Firms

Law firms typically have hours of telephone conversations in a single day. Traditional telecommunication systems, whether cell phones or legacy phone lines aren’t reliable and can be expensive. Law firm VoIP phone systems can bring down costs significantly as well as enhance the client experience offered by law firms.

  1. Clients often need the services of their lawyers at odd hours of the day or night. Having access to the phone only when they are at the office is a disadvantage for lawyers when it comes to supporting their clients in their time of need. With law firm VoIP phone systems, they are not limited by time or location with features such as voice mail to email. These features can help lawyers get up-to-date information from their clients even when they are not at the office.
  2. Legacy phone systems often have downtime for maintenance or are prone to outages or even disruptions when there is a natural disaster, etc. With VoIP phone systems this is never an issue, your phone system never goes down.
  3. HD voice clarity is better with VoIP. When there are delays or echoes on your phone lines, it can be disturbing to clients as well as the professional image of the law firm. Having clear and fail proof HD voice signals can present serious and reliable professionalism to clients, they not only receive quality in your service but you are providing them with a quality call.
  4. Lawyers can easily collaborate with their colleagues and paralegal staff without any delays. They can easily work from anywhere. They can attend crucial meetings even without being physically present in the office.
  5. With advanced reporting, clients always get an accurate bill for phone calls, there is no question with comprehensive call history records for each client stored in the database.
  6. Clients can reach the right lawyer at the law firm with a single number, this will reduce the time the client waits on hold and allows you to quickly service your clients and increase your productivity.
  7. Law firms can save an average of 55% when implementing VoIP phone systems.

With all these benefits of law firm VoIP phone systems, it is no surprise that more and more law firms are signing up and taking advantage of VoIP mobility.

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