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Companies in the financial service industry face unique challenges and have specific needs that are ably met by VoIP services. Whether it is managing a remote workforce or managing and controlling finances, VoIP can help you reach your goals effortlessly and cost effectively.

  • VoIP uses the broadband you already pay for. There is no need for the old copper lines which reduces costs on up keep as well as contracted maintenance agreements.
  • Increases productivity for employees by giving them access to calls, faxes, and emails, even when they are out of the office.
  • Increases mobility of employees by enabling them to work from any office, any location, or even from home, by having calls to their office number routed to their mobile device.
  • With unlimited monthly plans, it becomes easier to predict and maintain expenses.
  • VoIP helps financial service companies save considerably on capital expenses and maintenance charges. For hosted VoIPs, administration is supported by the provider. You gain complete control of your telephony communication using a customized portal created for your business.
  • Call tracking and call recording ensures that there are accurate and comprehensive logs of all calls, which is essential to any professional financial service firm. Recording of calls ensures that data is never lost or misunderstood. It can also be easily accessed in-house as a reference for discussions or collaborations.
  • CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, software can be integrated into VoIP, leading to seamless integration of calls with your customer data. This makes it easy to access customer data when needed, leading to a significant savings of time and resources.
  • Valuable and productive employees can work remotely from other locations or from home. This provides employees flexibility and the company with employee retention. Calls are directed to the employee using a customized portal.
  • Maintain a consistent professional company image: Receive and make business calls from a mobile device without the appearance of your personal cell number. This protects your privacy while maintaining a professional image for the company.
  • Switching to VoIP service can create unified communications for financial businesses and enhance the brand of your company by presenting a professional first impression to your potential clients.

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