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Planning a Call Center for Your Business

Are you receiving a large amount of incoming support, sales, or service calls? In today’s business world, call centers are created by businesses to resolve customer issues, convert calls into sales, and for telemarketing efforts.

You need a phone system that will handle calls correctly, minimize wait times and improve your company’s efficiency. The first basic question you need to ask yourself is, “How do I want my calls to be handled?”

Do you want an auto-attendant to answer the call first and give the caller the option to direct their own call to the department they need to reach?

  • An Auto-attendant can greet your callers and direct the calls to designated staff members that have the skill set the customer needs.
  • An Auto-attendant can also place music while the customer is on hold or provide you with free advertising with a pre-recorders message that can be easily changed.

When your call volume is heavy, do you want to set a hierarchy of over flow staff to minimize call wait times?

  • It is all hands on deck when the call volume is high, set a call group to back up your primary call center agents so your wait times reduce tremendously. These staff members do not need to be seated in your call center, they can be scattered throughout the office.

What type of reporting do you want to see that will help you better manage your calls and help you create benchmarks?

  • You will be able to measure call volume by day, time of day, day of the week and for the month. This will enable you to staff properly and better service your customers.
  • You can measure the talk time of each call, this could help you set an average time per call by call group.
  • Measure unproductive time and idle time, this will increase your productivity. What we measure always improves.

Today, a VoIP Call Center has the technology has the answers to all these concerns. Please schedule a consultation with our Customer Success Team and we can architect a system that fits your needs. When implementing a VoIP Call Center, focus on the features and what the system can do for you then look at price. Cheapest is not always the best, especially when it involves servicing your customers.

Shea Georgetti is passionate about customer success and is the voice for our customers. He makes certain every customer takes advantage of our new features and resolves the clients concerns ASAP. Shea manages and mentors our clients with ongoing support to ensure consistency.
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