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Increase Answer Rates with Local Caller ID

Having local numbers for your sales team everywhere you do business is an easy way to increase contact rates by over 40%. Read on to learn how VoIP technology can add a personal touch for your customers with local numbers while increasing your sales.

Having a local number is an area where you do a high volume of business increases the possibility of customers answering your sales and marketing calls. How and why is this so?

The answer can be found in basic human psychology. When you see an unknown number on your call ID, you are more likely to ignore it. Most people automatically think it is a telemarketer. On the other hand, you will tend to answer the local number on your caller ID because it gives you a sense of familiarity. The option of having a local number for your business can increase your call answer ratios. After all, to be successful in marketing, you first need to get someone to accept your call.

Today businesses that cover a wide range can get local numbers in each area. VoIP service providers can obtain local numbers in the areas of your choice. For example, a business in the Washington DC area can have three options for their customers, a number in the DC area, Northern Virginia and Maryland giving the customer assurance that they have a physical location close to them.

How and when can you use local caller ID to your advantage?

First, make sure that your service provider is compliant with the Truth In Caller ID Act in order to avoid any legal complications. Identify areas that your business wants to target and grow your business in.

What are the features that are provided with local caller ID for marketing?

  • Rotating or changing caller ID numbers so that you can call the same customer more than once.
  • Matching telephone numbers with a display name of your choice.
  • Customers who call the local number are rerouted to a number of your choice, which could be a SIP or a toll-free number.
  • Being able to add the local numbers to a mobile phone application for easier, on-the-go access.

The fact that people are more likely to pick up the phone when they see a local number has been verified by numerous surveys and studies. One survey indicated that answer rates go up by more than 40% when people see a local number on their caller ID! This is a huge advantage that can offer your sales team an easy tool for reach your customers. Every tactical advantage counts, and your competition could it right on your tail, it makes good business sense to explore the benefits of local caller ID to increase answer rates and increase the rate of success of your sales calls!

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