Business VoIP Resource Center

The feature to block certain incoming calls can be a boon when you want to block out calls from telemarketers or other solicitation calls which take away a chunk of your valuable work time. With the advent of VoIP, several such features have helped people streamline their work day even better than before.

Is Your Business VoIP Phone System HIPAA Compliant?

All healthcare providers in the United States know the importance of HIPAA and how crucial it is to both the provider’s and patient’s welfare that the healthcare provider is HIPAA compliant. This includes IT / Telecommunications companies, health insurance companies, and all businesses associates.

Top Seven Benefits of VoIP for Restaurants & Bars

For a restaurant, phone services have become the lifeline of their business and phones are used for answering customer inquiries about hours of operation, takeout orders, making reservations and advertising specials. With VoIP, restaurants can deliver an even better experience for their customers!

VoIP Benefits for Staffing & Employement Agencies

The success of a staffing agency is tied directly to its quality of communication. Majority of the work gets done over the phone in the form of interviews, conference calls, negotiation of contracts, checking references, etc. This makes it important to have a reliable, seamless, and affordable telecommunication channel.

Financial Services VoIP and Cloud Communications Solutions

Companies in the financial service industry face unique challenges and have specific needs that are ably met by VoIP services. Whether it is managing a remote workforce or managing and controlling finances, VoIP can help you reach your goals effortlessly and cost effectively.

Benefits of Call Screening and Called ID Name Identification

In today’s busy world, where time is of the essence and every second counts towards your productivity, call screening can help you significantly in managing your time and workload. This is done by giving you the option of seeing the details of your caller as the call is received.

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