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7 Reasons VoIP Is The Future For Nonprofit Communication

Non-profit organizations, by their very nature, have a unique set of challenges when it comes to financial resources and management of funds. Cutting corners is not always a best practice when it comes to communication but it is essential to the growth and development of a non-profit organization.

Tips To Create Professional Business Voicemail Greetings

When customers reach a voicemail message of a business or service provider, the majority of them choose to hang up without leaving any message! Why is this? The reason could be simple: when people call you, they are expecting to receive instant resolution to their problem or get quick information on your business.

Increase Answer Rates with Local Caller ID

Having local numbers for your sales team everywhere you do business is an easy way to increase contact rates by over 40%. Read on to learn how VoIP technology can add a personal touch for your customers with local numbers while increasing your sales.

Enhance Customer Service with VoIP Call Parking

For businesses that have multiple departments or service experts, call parking can help streamline the whole process while keeping the customers engaged. The call parking feature allows a call to be put on hold in a certain spot, or “parking space”, to be picked up by a specific department or the next available employee.

Business Advantages of Having Toll Free Numbers

Having a toll free number in today’s business environment has infinite advantages no matter what size your business may be. With benefits for your brand, marketing, and customer satisfaction; toll free numbers can also boost your sales and ROI.

Save Time with VoIP Click to Dial / Call Feature

VoIP offers a range of features not otherwise available in traditional phone systems. The “Click to Dial/Call” feature is one of them. This is a plugin that is available in browsers that enable users to call a person on their phone by clicking on the person’s contact icon from their desktop.

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