Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • I already have/own a premise-based PBX and don’t see a reason to change now.
    Managing change has always been an essential skill for business owners, but managing a business today isn’t simple. No longer can an owner wait for the next big change in his/her business. With the pace of technological advancement increasing by the day, businesses are now managing transition, rather than change. It’s hard to catch your breath. Thus, its imperative that our technology is capable of keeping up with the ever changing needs of your business advances. Because of this, many businesses are moving to cloud-based applications like VoIPLy. With your phone system in the cloud, you no longer need to worry about your communication infrastructure’s ability to keep up with the needs of your business. There’s little to no expertise required and it provides every capability of a traditional phone system, and then some—all while reducing your costs upfront and over time. Additionally, VoIPLy won’t become obsolete with new features and capabilities continuously being added without the need for a system upgrade.
  • I already tried hosted PBX and it didn’t work well.
    What issues were you experiencing? Not all hosted PBX systems are created equally. Our proven platform has been built from the ground up over the last ten years. We’ve been able to alleviate the common woes you may have experienced with other hosted PBX providers. With our VoIPLy solution you’ll be able to improve your business collaboration and flexibility, while reducing your costs.
  • What happens if I lose my Internet connection?
    All cloud-based applications rely on Internet connectivity, but with a VoIPLy solution, when you lose your broadband connection your communication infrastructure remains available. In other words, your Internet connection is no longer a single point of failure. When your phone system resides in the cloud, you’re provided with a plethora of call routing options. For example, our solution includes features like find-me-follow-me, voicemail to email, and all calls have the ability to be automatically forwarded and routed to virtually any person, device, or location. Plus, we’ll architect a redundant broadband solution with multiple seamless Internet connections while cutting your costs.
  • Do I need a new or alternate Internet connection?
    No, you do not require a second Internet connection for business resiliency. However, a second Internet connection is recommended, as it provides a great way to further solidify your network solution.
  • Hosted telephony isn’t reliable enough for my business.
    What experiences have led you to this conclusion? When implemented properly, a VoIPLy solution is more reliable than a premise-based solution, as it can scale to meet your business’s evolving needs, and provides benefits that traditional phone systems cannot match. Our solution also reduces the capital expenditure of a new phone system, safeguarding it against technological obsolescence, broadband failures, and natural disasters.
  • With today’s economy, is spending money on a new phone system worth the added expense?
    A VoIPLy solution doesn’t require large, upfront investments like a traditional phone system. Switching to VoIPLy will reduce your operator costs upfront and overtime. That means your expenses are actually reduced. Our platform is continually updated to provide your business with new, enhanced capabilities and features—ensuring your business is on the cutting edge and up-to-date.
  • Is hosted PBX as feature rich as traditional PBX systems?
    Yes, our cloud-based phone systems include features most organizations couldn’t afford with their existing phone system. You now have the ability to manage these great features via our easy to use web interface, with no expertise needed. You’ll be able to access carrier-class scalability, and API-extensible apps such as or Outlook, providing you with a simple solution for all your communication needs.
  • Which carrier does the platform utilize?
    The benefit of the VoIPLy is that you’ll never have to deal with a traditional, long distance carrier again. We manage all carrier connectivity in the cloud, with ‘cross-connects’ directly to the PSTN. Our platform includes connectivity to multiple carriers for redundancy purposes, so no single carrier issue will impact your business. Our carriers are chosen, and maintain favor with us based on their reliability and costs.
  • What is the difference between analog and VoIP phones?
    Analog telephones communicate with one another over traditional copper wires while VoIP phones transfer information via the internet over a broadband internet connection to another phone where the stream of voice data is reassembled into its original form.
  • How do you make calls over a VoIP connection?
    The same way you would with an ordinary telephone. The only difference is that you use an IP phone that is plugged into an Ethernet connection instead of a phone jack because the call is made digitally over the internet.
  • How many phone lines do I get with your service?
    Instead of having shared phone ‘lines’, each phone is an extension within the phone system that also comes with its own direct phone number. New accounts can start as small as a single extension and grow indefinitely.
  • Will my existing phone service be interrupted during the set-up?
    VoIPLy understands that your phones are the lifeblood of your business, so we take every precaution possible to ensure porting your phone numbers from your current provider to VoIPLy is a smooth and seamless transition with ZERO downtime.
  • Can I have professionally recorded greetings?
    Yes, you can record any greeting and upload it to your account as a .wav or MP3 file at any time. We also partner with local voice talent to simplify the process.
  • What kind of commitment do I have to make to VoIPLy?
    All VoIPLy services are completely month-to-month with no contracts or cancellation fees whatsoever.
  • Do you support physical fax machines?
    VoIPLy only supports a paperless fax-to-email/email-to-fax solution. It has been our determination that fax over IP using a traditional fax machine lacks the reliability our customers demand.
  • Do I “own” my number? Can I keep my toll free number if I choose to cancel?
    Yes, you can take any phone number with you to a new provider should you choose to leave VoIPLy for any reason.
  • Do you provide Internet service?
    No, we are not an Internet service provider. We are a hosted phone service provider which means that once you have a high-speed Internet connection at your office, our system will work directly with your Internet to make and receive calls.
  • Do you offer conferencing options?
    Yes, every extension comes with 3-way calling included. A conference bridge for up to 25 callers is also included.
  • Do I need a phone line or special equipment to make this work?
    All that is required is a broadband connection with a modem and a router to use VoIPLy service.